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Welcome to the Courtroom Cows' Personal Cyberstead

A little sojourn, for the heretics out there to pause and remove their jaundiced glasses for a bit

To start off, here is an old family picture.
From left to right: Ricky, Barbara, Texas, Brenda and, in the background behind Barbara, Julie.

This picture came from an article in the Morning Call (7/9/80). The article was covering the filming of myself and family for the television show, Real People, for the full article w/text and pix click on the picture - 157k.

Second, I would like you to meet my best friend and liaison to the world, Texas Longhorn.

Here he is with his mobile mailbox, being that he has no fixed residence and has had trouble collecting his mail (note: Prior to the appointment of a new postmaster, the mail always came through). He thought that this would aid the Quakertown Post Office in delivering his correspondence ( note: Free Press photo by Ann Scott - 7/3/87, click on the graphic for the entire article - 164k).

If there still is some doubt of my existence, I have a few pails more,
so hunker down and milk the cow below a little more.

Onward to next

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