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This is Rex!

Above and below, Rex with Texas and Rex with a friend.

Rex is my one and only son, though he is no longer with us anymore.
Due to mistreatment at the hands of a human!

But, when he was with us, humans were surprised at his gentleness. Him and Texas would travel all over the area, visiting towns and cities in NJ and PA. He would love to go into town with Texas for pizza and donuts and to visit with the children that would come around to see him. He loved all kinds of donuts, except bavarian creme. One time, at Washingtons Crossing on the Jersey side, while attending a Thrashing Bee. Humans found out that Rex liked donuts and proceeded to give him some. He was having a grand old time munching out on various flavors, until someone gave him one of them bavarian gizmos. He chewed on it for a moment, gave a frown and spat it out. I guess they
just didn't take enough time to make that donut! Rex always enjoyed these outings where large herds of humans were gathered. For they would lavish their attentions upon him, especially the children. So with a tap of two fingers upon his shoulder, by Texas, he would lie down. The children would then have fun climbing all over him. Some humans would even put their newborns on him and take pictures!

One time, Texas told me, when Rex was out at the far end of the pasture, wooing one of his ladies. Texas, being a gentleman, was patiently waiting at the other end of the pasture for Rex to be done. As Rex and his lady were doing the ritual courting, by circling each other, He caught sight of Texas off in the distance. Immediately stopping his courtship with his lady, he looked at Texas then back at his lady, then back at Texas and so on for a few times more. Then he stopped and turned towards Texas and proceeded to lope over to him. When he got up to Texas, who was sitting at the time. He gently nuzzled Texas' neck, then went back to gallivanting with his lady friend.

Another time out on the road, in 1978. Rex and Texas were doing some "Walking Billboard Advertising" for a donut store in the Q-town Farmers Market. Their itinerary was to start in Bucks County, PA and end up in Warren County, NJ. (A forty mile trek, starting from a four lane highway down to country roads and passing through assorted towns and cities, taking approximately 2 days with stay-overs in the fields along the way.) So during their travels, they stopped by channel 39, a PBS station in Bethlehem, to take a gander at their sattelite dish hook-up's. On the way back down the driveway, a car full of humans pulled over and actually drove up the driveway to check them out and read the advertisement. From there they headed towards the Mincie Trail Bridge, picking up a gaggle of kid's who followed them for awhile. Eventually one of them asked, "What do you do if it rains?", Texas replied with a shrug, "I get rained on." When it came time to cross the Mincie Trail Bridge, which passes over the Bethlehem Steel Mill and consist's of two traffic lane's with only one pedestrian walkway. At the beginning of the bridge, on the walkway side, there is a deep storage pit with its' gantry crane system. The middle of the bridge consists of a steel gridwork configuration, allowing one to view the water approximately a hundred feet below them. Rex, after taking a look over the railing down at the storage pit, immediately moved over to the curb side of the walkway. When he got to the grid section and took a gander down at the water way below, he immediately got in the middle lane of the walkway! Staying there till he was off the bridge. Down the road a ways, they decided to take five on a lawn that happened to be at an intersection. As they lay there resting, a station wagon drove by once, then two more times. Each time lingering at the stop sign longer than usual. The fourth time he approached, he had his station wagon packed with humans. And once again lingered for an inordinate amount of time, with the humans staring at them and waving. After a short rest, they proceeded on their way. Approaching a donut shop (well advertised through TV & radio) one of its' customers, seeing them, whistled a few times and then gave a holler asking if Texas wanted some coffee and a donut. Texas replied, "Sure, Rex likes donut's also." So the customer bought them coffee and donuts and chatted with them until they were finished eating. They then parted their different ways. As they got down the road a little further, they met some more kid's who proceeded to trail along with them. Stopping at a street corner, Rex and Texas were saying their goodbye's to the kid's, when a car screeched to a stop at the corner they were standing on, facing head on into oncoming traffic. The driver, apparently the owner of the donut shop, poked his head out the window and proceeded to threaten Rex and Texas. Saying that he was going to get twenty of his buddies to come down and take baseball bat's to both of them! Upon this verbal onset of threats, Texas slipped a quarter to one of the kid's, quietly telling him, "Please call the Bethlehem Police, and be sure no one see's you doing it." The reason for the secrecy was to avoid getting the kid in trouble with the agitated human. The officer arrived shortly after the donut shop owner had left and Texas gave him the license number and described what had occurred. The officer asked Texas what he wanted to do. Texas replied, "Nothing, just please explain to the owner that he can't go around threatening people."

I guess getting up early in the morning to make the donuts was to much pressure for this individual. Besides, he missed the beautiful point that Rex was eating one of
his donut's while advertising for another donut shop about 20 to 30 miles away!

The reason Rex is no longer with us, according to Texas who witnessed the abomination that led to his death, was due to an assault by a human. Texas' experience of the situation was:

One day while coming out of the milkhouse, Texas saw the farmer entering the barn where Rex was. As the farmer approached Rex, who was standing at the far end of the barn by the bunk feeder, Rex greeted him as he does most humans by mooing hello. The farmer stopped in front of Rex and proceeded to issue a vile stream of four letter epithets and then with all his might took a 2x10 that he had in his hands and hauled back and struck Rex full in the face. The blow was such that Rex's head spun 90 degrees. The farmer then just walked away leaving Rex stunned and confused. Later that day, while Texas was up in the silo, he heard a commotion out in the yard. Climbing down out of the silo Texas was able to observe what the todo was all about. Apparently Rex's girlfriends were outraged at the treatment he had received from the farmer. So Rex and his gal's got into the farmyard and proceeded to round up the half dozen or so humans there. I guess looking for the farmer? Rex had chased the farmers' son behind a large pine tree and to let the farmer know how annoyed he was with him, he proceeded to prune the tree with his horns. At this point, Texas had arrived and called Rex to him, Rex immediately turned from the tree and came over to Texas. Texas soothed him for a bit then opened the barn door and Rex went in.

The end result was that the farmer was convinced that Rex was to dangerous to handle anymore.

Question: What would you do after someone got in your face, screaming epithets and then forcefully placing a 2x10 square into your face?

ATTENTION CBS! In 1978* you received a picture of Rex when he was a year and a half old. The picture had a note attached to it saying: Notice how gently he wraps his tongue around the pizza, with no ring in his nose! If you look at the pictures on this page, you'll see that Rex, weighing in at about a ton and 6 years old, STILL doesn't have a ring in his nose!! Also, in reference to a statement made by one of your on-air personalities back in 1978, Bulls Do Not Have Murder In Their Eye's!!

NEW 10/30/1997

Following is a letter sent to Jay McMullen of CBS

Texas Longhorn
Lucky Horse Farms
c/o General Delivery
Quakertown, PA 18951
Bucks County

Jay McMullen
51 West 52nd Street
New York, New York

Jay :

On Tuesday October 30, 1979 at 8:00 PM I watched Your Production, "The Baby Maker", Basically, it was interesting and informative with one exception,

When You zoomed in for a close-up of the bull's face and referred to it as, "a dangerous and murderous animal," I was shocked and angered. Absolutely not true. Who was THE SCATTER-BRAINED IDIOT! that came up with that idea? I know better.

In the course of my 34 Years I have worked with several million of these animals, I have found them to be sensitive, friendly, playful, and curious, in short very lovable animals. Which is more than I can say for most People.

Currently, I have a 1 ton bull as a companion and friend, We have walked many miles together through towns and cities and everyone we have met has been surprised at how friendly he is. It is only through Programs like Yours,that give him a bad reputation. The only reason that bullfighting bulls are so ferocious is that, "dangerous and murderous," humans treat them so cruelly.

If bulls had been running the world all this time, instead of People, there would be a lot less bull in our Politics.
(note: This letter was written before I knew what citizenship and governments were all about) Unlike humans, animals don't Pollute, start wars, mug each other and all the so-called inhuman things that People do to Pass the time. Example, I can eat honey out of an active beehive and not be bothered but I can't walk through any large city without being attacked by some saloonatic.

Now that I have given You my Point of view, here's a suggestion. How about a documentary on the beauty and gentleness of nature, (Like wild Porpoises saving drowning sailors, etc) How all nature is in unison with itself, while man is not. The more that we respect nature the better the world will be. I hope You will use Your access to television in a more constructive way.

P.S. Don't get mugged by a humming bird!!!

Addendum to above:

Article and Photographs also sent to:

All of the above were sent certified w/return receipt, which receipt's are on file.

* CORRECTION: The date was 1979

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